fjfs is FUSE module that implements virtual joining of multiple files as one.
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fjfs (file-join-fs a.k.a. fudge-fs)
fjfs is FUSE module that implements virtual joining of multiple files as one.

fjfs is released under BSD license.

fjfs depends on libfuse -

fjfs is controlled using command line parameters.

Usage: fjfs [file-list-options] [options] mount-point-file file-list

Note: file-list depends on the options described bellow.

File list options:
-f --file | file-list is text file containing list of files (default).
-g --glob | file-list is glob (*, ?, dir/file*).
-a --args | file-list is N filenames (file1 file2 fileX).

Other options:
-o --allow-other | Mount FUSE with allow_other option. This allows other users
. to access the mounted fjfs instance. /etc/fuse.conf must
. contain "user_allow_other" in order for this option to work.

The development is tracked using git. The repository is hosted at github

Clone git repository and then run "make".

git clone git://
make install

Quick start
Install fjfs with "make install".

To use it:
1. Install the FUSE module
sudo modprobe fuse

2. Create the list of files to join
echo /etc/group >> filelist.txt
echo /etc/issue >> filelist.txt
echo /etc/passwd >> filelist.txt

3. Mount fjfs
fjfs joined.txt filelist.txt

4. Check the result with
cat joined.txt

You will see the contents of all the files listed in filelist.txt

5. Unmount the fs
fusermount -u joined.txt && rm joined.txt

More examples
Join files listed in filelist.txt as test-mount.txt

fjfs test-mount.txt filelist.txt

Join files named testfile*.txt as test-mount.txt

fjfs --glob test-mount.txt 'testfile*.txt'

Join files named testfileX.txt testfileY.txt testfileZ.txt as test-mount.txt

fjfs --args test-mount.txt testfileX.txt testfileY.txt testfileZ.txt

Official releases can be downloaded from fjfs home page which is

For patches, bug reports, complaints and so on send e-mail to

Georgi Chorbadzhiyski <>