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tsdumper2 reads incoming mpeg transport stream over UDP/RTP and then
records it to disk. The files names are generated based on preconfigured
time interval.

tsdumper2 is released under GNU GPL v2.

The development is done using git. tsdumper2 repository is hosted

To clone the repository issue the following commands:

   git clone git://
   cd tsdumper2
   git submodule init
   git submodule update

The code is developed and tested under modern Linux. It is also
compiled from time to time under OS X but is not tested there.

To see all Makefile targets run 'make help'.

Updating the code
To update cloned tsdumper2, go to the directory where the repository
is cloned and run the following commands:

   git fetch origin
   git merge origin/master
   git submodule update
   make clean all

tsdumper2's master branch should always be useful so it is safe to
use it instead of official release. The master branch will always
be better than any released version.

Command line parameters
tsdumper2 is controlled using command line parameters. For more information
about the parameters see the man page. Here is a list of supported command
line parameters:

        Usage: tsdumper2 -n <name> -i <input>

 -n --prefix <name>         | Filename prefix.
 -s --seconds <seconds>     | How much to save (default: 60 sec).
 -d --output-dir <dir>      | Startup directory (default: .).
 -D --create-dirs           | Save files in subdirs YYYY/MM/DD/HH/file.

Input options:
 -i --input <source>        | Where to read from.
                            .  -i udp://    (v4 multicast)
                            .  -i udp://[ff01::1111]:5000 (v6 multicast)
                            .  -i rtp://    (v4 RTP input)
                            .  -i rtp://[ff01::1111]:5000 (v6 RTP input)
 -z --input-ignore-disc     | Do not report discontinuty errors in input.
 -4 --ipv4                  | Use only IPv4 addresses.
 -6 --ipv6                  | Use only IPv6 addresses.

To get a quick start here are some example command lines.


   # Read multicast stream from and save it in
   # files with test- prefix
   tsdumper2 --input udp:// --prefix test

   # Same as above but create directories YYYY/MM/DD/HH and put
   # files into the directory.
   tsdumper2 --input udp:// --prefix test --create-dirs

   # Same as above but create directories YYYY/MM/DD/HH and put
   # files into the directory and create new file each 10 seconds.
   tsdumper2 --input udp:// --prefix test --create-dirs --seconds 10

Reporting bugs
If you think you have found bug in tsdumper2, please report it to the
e-mail listed in Contact section (see below) of this README file.

Official releases can be downloaded from tsdumper2 home page which is

For patches, bug reports, complaints and so on send e-mail to

   Georgi Chorbadzhiyski <>